The organizations from time 2 time

When i was in senior high school ( aka : Bangau ) i had sum friends that i consider as my best mates…..Actually i want to put their pictures here, but since i dont have sum of theirs, so i wont put any of them..LOL…here they are :

1.   Marvin ( aka : Aciu)

2.   Charles ( aka : Superman, Beruk, Gorilla, Li Ho )

3.   Charlie ( Charles’ twins, aka : Li Sun)

4.   Yanuar Hariyanto ( aka : Lilis)

5.   Chandra Putra Arya Wijaya ( aka : Sengtek )

6.   Rudy Arifin ( aka : Mukmin)

7.   Ferdian Thung ( aka : Thung2, BelaThung)

And now that we’ve gone our separate ways, i got sum new companions :


1.   Christian Simon( aka : Simon)

2.   Christianto Sumarno ( aka : Toto)

3.   Christian Kuswandi ( aka : Bom2)

4.   Charles ( aka : Superman, the same guy here…LOL)

5.   Setiawan Koesmanto ( aka : Wawan )

6.   Sylvianto Salim ( aka  : Vian )

7.   Martinus ( aka : Anus)

8.   Surya Dinata ( aka : sur)

9.   Nicolas Fabian Kesuma ( aka : Nico)

Well, i  just want to be with them always….at least while i’m with them….

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5 Responses to The organizations from time 2 time

  1. soerya says:

    hehehhe…. sygny setiawan dk ikt nah pas ft itu.. tp ttp mantab.. ^^

  2. KeHoeff says:

    hey this is a very interesting article!

  3. Original post by Dmitri Gromov

  4. GarykPatton says:

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